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FH Innsbruck - Studium International Business & Law (FH-Master) (Vollzeit) new

Adresse: 6020 Innsbruck,
Universitätsstraße 15
Tel: +43 512 2070-0
Fax: +43 512 2070-1099
E-Mail: office@mci.edu
Homepage: https://www.mci.edu/de/studium/master/international-business-law

MCI Management Center Innsbruck
Internationale Hochschule GmbH

Universitätsstraße 15
A-6020 Innsbruck

Tel.: +43 512 2070-0
Fax: +43 512 2010-1099
E-Mail: office@mci.edu
Gliederung des Studiums:
Based on its successful focus on international business the program offers an in-depth education in business administration and strategic management, especially in a multicultural, cross-boarder context. A strong emphasis is put on international business law, an integral comprehension of global entrepreneurial processes and the development of profound management skills for policy-makers in international business spheres. Creating awareness of legal issues and contexts and the interdisciplinary evaluation of problems from both a legal and an economic perspective is a further goal of the Master program.
Berufsfeld: Wirtschaft & Management
Studienart Masterstudium
Organisationsform: Vollzeitstudium
Unterrichtssprachen Englisch
Abschluss M.A.
Studienbeitrag: For students from EU & EEA countries: EUR 363 / semester. Plus membership fee to the Austrian Student Union (ÖH)
For application deadlines please see: www.mci.edu/aufnahmetermine

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Qualifikationsprofil & Berufsbild
The past few decades have been characterized by a fundamental change in the education curricula of both, the legal and the economic sciences. Economics, particularly business administration and management-oriented subjects, have experienced a considerable development accompanied by an increasing juridification, whereas in law, economic competencies are gaining in importance. This trend is eclipsed by a high degree of specialization and internationalization in both disciplines. As a result of these developments,
an entirely new and future-oriented field of activity is being created right at the interface between economics and law, offering excellent career prospects to graduates.

Owing to the strong emphasis on interdisciplinary education, graduates of this Master program possess excellent competencies both for addressing legal issues in an international economic context and for developing business- and management-oriented solutions in an international legal context. Graduates are therefore particularly equipped for a career in areas where cross-border economic and legal issues are interrelated and innovative and interdisciplinary approaches in an intercultural context are essential.

Graduates of the program can especially work in the following sectors in domestic and international companies:
  • Industrial sector
  • Trading companies
  • Tax advisory and auditing
  • Business consultancy
  • Banks and insurance companies / investment counselling
  • Communications and information transmission
  • Interest groups / public administration
  • Higher education

Studienziel & Studienschwerpunkt
  • Applied econocmic science  50 %
  • Applied legal science  25 %
  • Transdisciplinary projects & social skills  15 %
  • Foreign language  10 %

Admission requirements
Graduates of relevant Bachelor programs
Graduates of other Bachelor or post-secondary programs comprising courses in strategic management / business administration, international business, marketing, controlling / accounting and law (totaling a minimum of 120 ECTS)

Selection process
Career background (30%)
Written entrance exam (30%)
Interview (40%)

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